Analysis & Calibration

Ideally located at the gates of the two oil ports of Lavéra and Fos-sur-Mer, SPSE (Société du Pipeline Sud-Européen) provides a storage capacity capable of reaching 2.3 million m3 of petroleum products.

Through connections with the local network of existing pipelines, the company reliably supplies French and European refineries and  proposes important storage capacity of liquid hydrocarbons.

Global competitiveness and the proliferation of international trade have made it essential for partners to be able to guarantee the values ​​of the traded products’ measured characteristics.

Industrial metrology activities, which gather techniques for making measurements, for interpreting them and for ensuring their accuracy, have thus developed within the industry for several decades.

A great many years of experience in the field of dynamic hydrocarbon measurement allow SPSE to offer all of the oil industry’s actors the benefits of its unique expertise in its analysis and calibration laboratory, located in Fos-sur-Mer, in France’s Bouches du Rhône.

Whether you are manufacturers of flow meters, metrology project leaders, contractors, owners or operators of oil installations, we can provide you with the appropriate set-up and necessary precision equipment.

Our experts, available 7 days a week, will accompany you on our site to carry out any kind of analyses or to calibrate your flow meters in liquid hydrocarbons within the flow range of 60 to 4000 m3/h or of 50 t/h to 3000 t/h, for viscosities ranging from 0.5 to 400 mm2/s. With complete confidence.